More youth continue to Benefit from the program.

About 4 years now since we begun a one year pilot project in Embu, Kenya. We can’t believe it’s the 4th year now. Though it’s not as easy as expected but we believe it is going to be a success and many youths will benefit. As I write to you, many teenagers have successfully completed our mentorship and computer training program. Others have joined college and the rest are waiting to join soon. Hundreds of teens from elementary schools are currently involved in our mentorship and digital learning outreach program. Excitingly the teens get involved in children’s home visit and together we make donations. These acts have demonstrated transformation to our teenagers involved in the program.

What else can we say to every donor for every single donation sent to us? We appreciate you for being generous and a blessing to us.

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University students that received a laptop for their studies express their joy.

Silas was one of the 4 students and 3 workers who received laptops from our program. Then he was  a fourth year student at South Eastern Kenya University (SEKU) who had studied for two years without a laptop, this is something that is very rare in the USA. I remember when I visited Daniel Boone District School and asked the high school students who owned personal laptops to raise their hands, 100% of them had their hands up. I want to believe some have two or three. They laughed loudly when I joked with them that getting a wife in Kenya can be easier than buying a laptop. I got my laptop three years after marriage while working on my Masters Thesis. Similarly, for our university students in Kenya a very small percentage have laptops for their studies, this is because poverty is vicious and whistling from their homes. To refer to my case I went through my whole four years without a laptop, working on assignments and presentations in such demanding situations is very difficult. But the joy of having a digital literacy and mentorship program in Kenya has lessened the burden to some. Silas narrates his experience below.


Silas a former student at SouthEastern Kenya University enjoys use of the laptop donated by Youth Promise for his college studies

“As a beneficiary of the above mentioned project, the laptop I received from Youth Promise Centre - Kenya had been of great help. Being a student in an institution of higher learning, research is a key area of study and access to high speed internet is a requirement for effective work. The laptop I received enabled me to achieve that. Presenting the tasks given through PowerPoint became an easy task with the help of the laptop. Access to library materials through the online platform and other study materials sent via the same platform became an easy task for me as compared to those who used the inadequate library computers and other resources. Presentation of neat work given as assignments, typed and printed with the help of the  laptop. It had also been of help during refreshments, listening to music and watching other relevant materials. All these tasks  also helped improve my ICT skills.

I sincerely appreciate all who supported the project together with the Youth Promise Centre. It's because of your efforts that I stand to witness these great roles that the project has played in my education life. Thank you and may God bless you even as you continue supporting the project.