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Internship with us

We encourage young adults who are in school or fresh graduates to join us and gain experience working with teenagers. This can take between 3 months to one year. We also link our intern to an international fellowship in the USA. Read More 

Volunteer with us

Every Holiday we enroll a number of teenagers for the digital learning and fun activities. You can apply to volunteer with us for a minimum of 2 weeks. It is always impactful to engage teens and children in a more meaningful activity. It is a motivation to do something positive over the holidays.

Tourist Destination on your Safari

We are based on the slopes of Mt. Kenya. That means on your way to a safari visit beautiful sceneries around Mt. Kenya and stop over and experience our activities at the site. You can meet our teenagers and staff team and have a memorable experience with us. Click Here

Invest in Our Social Enterprise Programs

Click Here to get involved or use the QR to the right...

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