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Youth Promise Centre is a no profit ministry located in Embu Kenya at the foot of Mt. Kenya. It is based on after school programs and summer camps model with a focus on digital literacy. The goal is to build a computer training and information access center where the underprivileged children and youth can get an opportunity to better their lives.


Just imagine going through the elementary and high school without touching a computer keyboard or learning how to use it! That’s the challenge most aspiring scholars have to overcome in the rural and some urban areas of Kenya. Currently less than 21% of Africans have access to the internet. In a global world that puts children in Embu in danger of being left behind in a rapidly changing world. How can we better improve living standards in efforts to fight poverty, if we don’t create opportunities for them?


To impact the young generation with technology and the word of Truth.


To invest in the youth through education, technology and spiritual growth for a better society.

  • Peace. 

  • Faith

  • Family

  • Neighborliness

  • Entrepreneurship

News Updates

Our 3rd
Anniversary 2020


Today is the day!!! Our 3rd Anniversary since we set off for Digital Learning and Mentorship for our Kenyan Youth. 

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American Football fans

​Here watch the teens cheer the Eagles team. 
Jan 12, 2018

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Hold a fundraiser for us

As we make effort to raise money for the next calendar year, you can write to us if you wish to run an event to support us.
Our Goal is to build an Information and Technology Centre.

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