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Digital Literacy is part of our Mentor-ship Program.
In addition to Digital Literacy, we engage our teens in mentorship in the following areas:


Life-skills program

​In life skills, we look at the psycho-social abilities that an individual has to adapt to so as to be able to live day to day life or to be able to survive in life.

Entrepreneurship & Leadership program

This program gives the young people an opportunity to know who they are and identify the talents lying within them. They get an opportunity to assess the various leadership models demonstrated in the society and they get to propose possible alternatives to failed leadership in their societies.

The program has an entrepreneurship component where the youth come up with business ideas. They can write proposals and present to class. In future we anticipate sponsorship grants to start new businesses to successful applicants.

Discipleship Training

​Our Vision is to impact the young generation with technology and the word of truth. Discipleship comes in to impact the word of truth. We engage our teens in Bible Study Sessions so that they are able to get better understanding of God and His plans for their lives. This gives them life meaning in their challenged teenage world.
They watch Bible Stories on videos, reading stories and art and craft materials related to bible teachings. 
Discipleship sessions have really shaped the lives of many beneficiaries. The sessions have helped to instill in teens some of our core values such as Faith, Peace, Family and Neighborliness. It's amazing to see teens gradually develop more interest in Bible knowledge, pray on their own, improve in moral character and grow spiritually all together.

We are now partnering with ANGAZA KENYA A TORCH BEARERS initiative in Kenya that takes them through a one-month bible school program with opportunities following a competitive process to advance to Albania for a 6 month theological training.


New Digital Outreach site Coming soon.
(Our new Campus place)

Every year we have a tradition to start a new site for digital literacy especially in the areas that we find most needy cases. This coming year we are exploring a new site, and we are mobilizing new resources for the program.

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