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I want to serve my community

“Another thing I would like come true in my life is helping my siblings and showing love and uniting them, the needy children, the poor and of all the orphaned.” Says Boniface Mutuiri (at the far right), an ambitious ever joyful young man who has faced a lot in life.

“We are a family of 10 children. My dad passed away in Sept 12, 2002.” Said Boniface who has been in the program since January 2019”. He continues to narrate his ordeal...

“At that time my elder brother was in form four. Life started changing. In 2004 my mom passed on too. We lived a very hard life. My two elder sisters and I were taken to a children's home in Nairobi. We schooled there but it was hard being away from our aging grandma. We returned home and grandma continued to raise us with the little farm we had of Two hectares. We had tea and coffee plantations and a small land for planting. Some of our girls dropped out of school and others got married. We are four boys and Six girls.

Eight years ago our elder brother together with grandma decided to sell our land and buy another one near Embu town a place called Muthatari. Unfortunately, before dad and mom passed on, they had a loan. The bank wanted to recover back their loan and so they took our land. For seven years now we have been renting and have been constantly chased from place to place due to lack of rent money. In 2007 my brother had a job with the Kenya Police. He worked for 3 years and got sacked from that job. Currently, we live by any means of any hustle we can to get a daily bread. Bro akipata (when brother gets) something small) he sends it to us to buy something to eat. Life turned unfair again when the only person that was like a parent to me my grandma, passed on a few weeks ago” He continues to share.

“For sometime my only grandma who has been like our mom since the death of my parents, got sick and passed on recently, this June 2019 at an age of 99 years. She has left a very big gap in our lives for all we took her was more than a mother. We lived with her more years than we did with our parents.

We put our trust in God for everything and the far He has brought us,it is all by His love and care. I am a form four leaver and wish to make my dream of serving my nation Kenya and my entire community come true. Am looking forward to join college later this year and do a course in plumbing and after that join the Kenya Defence Forces. “Another thing I would like come true in my life is helping my siblings and showing love and uniting them, the needy children, the poor and of all the orphaned.” I would love to see them having a good life and a bright future and meeting their dreams and become prominent people in their community.”

Boniface’s life is a story that represents many youth we enroll for our mentorship program at YouthPromise. His wide smile would make one think all is going well with him. Recently, we helped him cover part of his grandma’s funeral cost and gave a camera to do some coverage of video and photos in the occasion. Boniface has told me that a relative gave out space for burying their grandma. After the sad demise of his grandma, he has given us a card that bears these sweet words, “To Youth Promise Centre Family, I am humbled for all of you, for the Computer skills and the mentorship classes. Your love, care and concern of the needy is extremely great love. Thank you. Not many people would have given their time and energy so freely to someone the way you did. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly.”

I count it a joy to have Boniface as a beneficiary of our program. Offering him computing skills and mentorship is our concern right now. However, I pray that he finds a way to pay the necessary $627 annually so he can become a certified plumber. I am so grateful for your friendship and support with us at Youth Promise Kenya. Our success in the program is happening because of your Love.

Allow me to introduce you to William Shilisia, a young gifted man, who is our next month’s spotlight beneficiary who says his life has ‘Three Resurrections’.

Our mission is investing in the youth through education, technology and spiritual growth for a better society.

To get more information contact the ED at Visit our website CLICK HERE!

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