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A grade 6 girl in one of the slums of Embu is impacting her peers.

Meet Faith, a girl with a big heart, who has chosen to recruit her friends to join our program!

Faith, is one of our beneficiaries who didn't her peers to be left behind after she joined the program. She has invited more kids to the program after she joined. They know the program is supported and that's why they keep joining one after another. Faith's home sits in the immediate neighborhood of the church where the Youth Promise Director ministers, near the Shauri slums of Embu town.

Over the school holidays, her day starts at 5.00 A.M. She gets up early to do some house chores and get ready to come to Youth Promise Kenya at 8.00 A.M. They don't have tap water at her home; she has to go to the river and a nearby public tap to get some water for use at her home throughout the day.

At a glance, Faith is a jovial girl whose smile comes easy. Something else that stands out about her is that she is a caring and natural leader.

When she joined the program, she came alone. On her second holiday camp, she came with a group of friends some who are younger than her. The story of how she got those kids to join is quite amusing. Remember I mentioned how she goes to fetch water every morning? Yes, that is where they met. These are kids who too go to fetch water every morning.She became friendly with them, and asked if they could accompany her to our program.

Since they joined, she picks them up early in the morning from their homes, and after the day’s activities at YPC she drops them back. Most of these kids live in a slum, Shauri, close to Faith’s house. Residents of Shauri are among the huge number of people living below the poverty line. Other than lacking water, most of these kids live in areas characterized by sanitary issues, iron sheets and wooden shanty houses, lack of enough food, drug and substance abuse and child labor.

With our program, these teens have a place where they can come to learn, have fun and be mentored over the holidays. Faith has been in our mentorship program for a while now and she has become an ambassador of good hope for other kids around her neighborhood.

Faith is in elementary school and would like to be a nurse when she grows up. The story tells it clearly, this girl is a leader. Our goal at YPC is to mentor her and many others towards the path of good leadership.

If you wish to support our ministry kindly send your donation through our affiliate ministry Urban Promise International’s website at OR write a check to Urban Promise International with Youth Promise Kenya in the memo line and mail to Urban Promise International P.o Box 156 Pennsauken NJ 08110.

Thank you so much!

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