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"Three Resurrections Story" Our August Digest.

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

William Silisia is a 22 year old last born in a family of four. He is a handsome jovial gentleman, with a dark skin complexion. He is quite humorous and entertaining, always ready to help, and more so a leader. He has had a couple of sad chapters in his life but he has remained hopeful even when it felt like life was fading away. The funny thing is that even while narrating his story you would take it as a joke. Wiliam, one of our alumni here at Youth Promise Centre narrates his story and says his life is a ‘three resurrections’ story. Personally, I have come to love the way he has embraced life. 📷

William has this to say about his “First Resurrection-His left body got paralyzed”, “ I was brought up in an extended family. My mum passed on when I was two I just see her on photos and I am told about her. My dad took good care of me before he also passed on. One of my aunts took me in as her son. Things back home weren’t going on well. She did it to help my dad out. With the hard times we faced, childhood was barely enjoyable for me. In the year 2005, I started experiencing some health issues and was admitted at the hospital for three months. The doctors said what made me cry; {“William”, they said, “we are sorry to inform you that you are paralyzed and will not be able to walk again as before’’}. The news crushed my spirit, hope and all the strength I had in my heart to fight on. Nevertheless, through continuous prayer, my aunt and bro support I was healed and back to my feet. I resumed school but had to go back to the previous grade since I had missed so many lessons”.

The “Second Resurrection” as he calls it, is something you deserve to hear; he was diagnosed with meningitis. He says, “One day as I was walking in class, I felt a strong puff. I passed out and found myself later at the hospital. This time I was diagnosed with meningitis. I knew little about the disease and my little research revealed that it was a killer disease. Suicidal thoughts filled my mind. Continuous prayers and faith that my aunt had given me a second chance to live and share my healing story. I was healed from that deadly disease. Even the doctors were shocked. To them I became a successful case study. All that was because of prayers and family support”.

None of my uncles took care of me after my dad’s death despite their promise of heaven on earth for us. Only my aunt struggled with us single handedly which was quite a financial burden. By the Grace of God, high school life though it was challenging because of my constantly getting sick and financial challenges. I was able to discover my talents and leadership skills, realized I could sing, as well as being an eloquent speaker, creative person and a leader. However, things went on being tough since my aunt left me to fend for myself.

William remains hopeful for his dreams as he narrates his “Third Resurrection-He got convulsed” part of the story. “Once again, I found myself in the same bed I was used to, the hospital bed. This time round I was told I convulsed. Doctors now said that I had growth in my head which brought the convulsion. Having no one else around I found help from the church I attend. I was discharged but I was told my life would depend on medication. I still take the medication to date but I trust God for deliverance from all this. I have found a job at a local hardware store as a salesperson. I have been out of high school for five years now and my dream to be a computer expert seem to be fading. Nevertheless, I am hopeful to join college. Fortunately, Youth Promise Kenya has rejuvenated my dream by providing me with free computer training courses and mentorship. The opportunity they gave me made me feel closer to my dreams. Since I also have great interest in photography and filmography I have used the skills gained at Youth Promise to develop some video cover that are already on youtube,;

Helping such young brilliant minds like William Shilisia that have faced a lot in life makes us relevant by giving them hope at Youth Promise. William Shilisia would love to join college just like many aspiring youth today. Kindly put him in your prayers. When they advance their learning, they get an opportunity to break the poverty cycle in their families. We believe in giving the youth an opportunity to better their lives.

In our June digest, we met Boniface Mutuiri, another young man, who has been through a lot in life. Despite being orphaned at a young age, losing the only property they had to the bank, and living below the poverty line, Boniface is praying that he began to achieve his dream of completing a plumbing course, joining the Kenya Defense forces, uniting his family and serving the community.

Next month’s digest spotlight is on the life of Simon Macicia, another orphaned but talented young man whose dream is to become a renowned journalist. It’s a big blessing to have you follow this story and we ask that you pray with us for these dear ones for God to continue showing up in their lives and for their dreams to become successful. Every support that we receive at Youth Promise has motivated us to give back by touching these young lives.

If you would like to learn more about any of these youth or more about Youth Promise, or even

visiting us in Kenya someday, please feel free to contact me via email:

Thank You so much! Muchas gracias! Asante Sana!

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